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Privacy Policy

As part of our Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, you will need to accept the following terms in order to use our services.

What personal data do we request?

Name, organization, telephone, address, country, email, profession, VAT number, Tax Office.

Why do we want your personal data?

They are necessary to provide you with our services, service and pricing.

What do we do with your personal data?

We store them in our central customer database, protecting them with high security measures and restricting access to them only by authorized persons.

With whom and why do we want to share your personal data?

We share personal data only with those third parties that are absolutely necessary to provide the service you will receive:

In our accounting office (if we have issued a nominal document to (Company or freelancer) for the keeping of our books and the entries of the relevant accounting records.

You can withdraw your license.

All your data will be automatically deleted from our systems when the corresponding cooperation with the company stops.

How long do we keep your personal data?

Only for the time that is absolutely necessary to provide our services. The data is deleted from the systems of and third parties, after the final termination of the company. Only the necessary information that the legislation allows us for the accounting office is kept.

I give my explicit consent to IDS to use my personal data (and any third party data on whose behalf I act) in accordance with the above.

I declare responsibly in accordance with law 1599/86, that the information I declare is true and accurate and I do not knowingly violate the rights of third parties.

I agree to receive emails and phone calls for important updates about the services of the company "IDS".

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